Stalling out while runing runing
I took the motorcycle to Greune HD after it died while driving, and had the motorcycle towed to Greune HD. The motorcycle was parked outside of the service door around midnight dealership was closed over the weekend part were stolen off the motorcycle. Greune HD was helpful in providing police video surveillance of the area to identify individuals who removed parts. The technician diagnosed the issue as being a clogged fuel filter. They replaced the filter, and some of the stolen parts were replaced but one is still on backorder. Greune HD was very understanding and did the best they could do to obtain the air filter cover as it was out of stock from many border states. When I picked up the bike there were oil hand marks on the fuel tank and the bike had not been washed. On the way home the bike died same as the initial problem dying twice got the bike running and took home, called Greune HD, and have to take the bike back to address an intermittent electrical issue that may be causing the bike to die. I am willing to give Gruen HD the benefit of the doubt that an electrical diagnosis was performed before the fuel tank fuel filer was replaced as I have purchased bikes from them in the past and they have always been very responsive to my concerns.
John Rodgers
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