Great Team at Gruene
At a different Harley Shop in Texas, the salesman lied told me my 2019 road glide special had TPMS which I had told him was a condition of the sale. Being that this was my first Harley experience I didnt know much about the infotainment system. Turns out no TPMS on the 2019. I had already made the purchase. I was told for 1200$ they could add RDRS the next day when I had them install handle bars. Couple months later I got a nail in my tire so I figured sweet Ill get the rdrs installed. Once again after the newly inspired research I found out that the 2019 was not compatible. I had been back to the dealership multiple times with no reasonable solutions. Gruene HD is the closest dealer to my home so I patched the tire and headed in for new tires. Complained about my situation to Aaron the sales guy and he actually helped lead me to a solution for a TPMS that only ended up being a couple hundred dollars plus labor instead of 1200$ and Paul the tech and Dominic and Zach from the service department and Steven and Daniel from parts teamed up to provide excellent service and flip the bike I had bought elsewhere from one about to be listed on Facebook to a bike I can now enjoy. I am extremely happy that this could be accomplished for around 300$ parts and labor vs 1200$ I will be gladly doing business with Gruene HD going forward. Austin/Round rock Dealerships should model the integrity shown to me at Gruene. Thanks Gruene team finally after a couple months of irritation I can get to enjoying my new HD!
Justin Smith
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